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(one) human family™

a plan to create utopia.

a plan to create utopia.

we can have peace on earth, but first we must find peace internally on an individual level and as a collective single human body+mind. 

peace can be found when you let things go and take your soul back to the formless world where our souls come from. 

there’s two worlds. the physical and the formless (non-physical).

what we know as heaven, is the formless world.

the physical world where we are living now, all that we know, this whole universe, and any others that exist, is essentially a creation that comes from the formless world/heaven.

in the formless world there is no pain, no suffering, no death, only eternal joy and peaceful life full of creativity and love. 

i don’t know why we are here, in the physical world, but i imagine the purpose or reason is important.

but if you want to find peace of mind, find solace in the fact that there is another world where things are all right, and know that we are from there and eventually we all go there again. so just go along for the ride, and enjoy the ride, as best you can, until you’re back in heaven. and remember, this (physical) world is full of creativity and life, and love as well.

when we find enlightenment together and completely as a whole, we will know what is right and what is wrong, and we will only do right things. only then will we know how beautiful true utopia can be.

but we can achieve peace of mind(enlightenment), therefore we can achieve peace on earth(utopia) in due time.


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