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(one) human family™

humanhoodWORLD® comes from the mind

of a young human named Wy Sommer™


founded in 2023 with the intention of creating

something that will one day change the world.


i fell in love with designing and making clothes

over the past five years,

and i hope to take the art form to a new place

in my lifetime

by creating things that haven’t been seen before.


my design style is informed by ancient clothing

infused with the classics.


i believe the story of fashion design starts way

before the 1800s and Charles Worth,

and we need more fashion that represents

the styles of all humans and all cultures.


the story of humanity is older than the

pyramids and megaliths that still stand today.

humanity is ancient, and so is clothing.


i hope you can appreciate the garments

that i will produce during my life,

and wear them proudly,

whoever you are.



”fashion mirrors change.”

our goal is to create systemic change by creating fashion that mirrors a society where every human is thriving and connected to an also thriving natural world.

also, we want to design a new model for the infrastructure of our communities. the vision of that new model may look something like this…


humanhoodWORLD® is about more than clothing.

we want to see a change in the infrastructure that we build.

more pyramids and more domes and buildings made of earth,

or hempcrete and bamboo.

no cars, and streets that are for people first and foremost.

100 yard-wide streets that are full of life, from rivers to foliage to fauna, alive - not covered in concrete.

indigenous people ruling over their whole ancient lands, in “america” and elsewhere, living how they please, not forced into an unjust world economic system.

no commerce, just giving things to each other, everyone looking out for their neighbors.

no pollution.

no corruption.

no war.

free housing.

people growing their own food, and making most of their own things, and sharing their food and things with their community.

it is a big vision that many have had before us. it was once the way of the world, but it will come true again, one day soon.

i have seen Heaven and i know it’s real. the light is pure and full of joy.

we will all feel the Nirvana of eternal life.

one day.


-Wy [2023]

this could be our future world,
or something like this…
if we work together,
and get creative.

(one) human family™

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