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we want to create utopia
but what does that even mean?
everyone has a different version of utopia.

i could describe my utopia…
but what if others don’t want what i want?
then is it really utopia?

in order to really create a utopian civilization,
we need to become a unified body and mind.


humans first need to see each other as equals,
and we need to choose to love each other,
despite and because of our differences.


only once we are unified can we really create utopia.

humanhood® wants to start working on a real plan for creating a civilization that empowers and nurtures every thing on earth.

a plan that includes the wishes of all.


the goal is to get input from as many people as possible. please contribute to this effort by contacting us here with your ideas for a beautiful world.

future civilization

what is possible?

honestly, we could do great things.
we could create a perfect world.

all we have is faith in a Divine Being.
One that will save us from ourselves.

but He wants to see us save ourselves.
no one can be given enlightenment.
we must seek it and find it on our own.
and so when we do achieve it…

maybe God will come down and give us true heaven on earth.

how to help

if you want to contribute your ideas / experience / abilities to this plan to achieve utopia, please contact us

otherwise, buying our clothes helps to support us, which leads to us working harder to create utopia in reality.

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